Loose Moose Theatre Company


Improviser, Commentator, Sound & Lighting

Maestro Impro™

Improviser, Emcee, Sound & Lighting

Super Scene™

Host, Sound & Lighting Improviser, Sceneography

Gorilla Theatre™

Host, Gorilla, Sound & Lighting Improviser, Sceneography

A Love Story (2020)

Sound Improviser

The Life Game (2018)

Sound Improviser

Past Your Bedtime (2015 & 2016)

Sound Improviser

A Chrismoose Carol (2015, 2016, 2017)

Sound Tech

Loose Moose Theatre for Kids

  • The Three Pigs Fletcher
  • Puss in Boots Assistant Director
  • The Further Adventures of the 3 Mooseketeers
    Athos, Thug
  • Rumplestiltskin Assistant Director
  • Robin Hood (Closing Weekend)
    Alan-A-Dale, Baker, Joey, Waldo
  • Sherlock Junior Dr. John Watson
  • Snow White & Several Dwarves
    Huntsman, Doug the Dwarf
  • Rapunzel Rapunzel’s Father, Sidney
  • Emperor’s New Clothes Patrick the Goon
  • Fabulous Fables Various Characters
  • Treasure Island Sound & Lighting Tech

Other Theatre

  • STUMPED (Calgary One-Act Play Festival 2018)
    Co-Writer, Co-Director, “Greg”
  • Enlightened Swinger (YYC Fringe 2016)
    Co-Director, Actor
  • Enlightened Swinger (Leth. Fringe 2016)
    Co-Director, Actor

Theatre Support

  • Vagina Monologues (YYC Fringe 2016)
    Sound & Lighting Tech
  • Life According to Facebook (2016)
    Sound Improviser
  • Missed Connections (2016)
    Sound Improviser
  • KILLHARD (2016)
    Sound Improviser
  • Improv Games, Chasing Funds (2015, 2016, 2017)
    Sound Improviser

Training and Education

  • Company Classes The Loose Moose Theatre
    Company w/ Keith Johnstone, Dennis Cahill
  • Late Night Writers Room Workshop
    Albert Howell, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • AMPIA Upstart Autumn 2017 as Director
  • Advanced Voice Acting Brendan Hunter
  • AMPIA Upstart Winter 2017 as Actor
  • Combat for Stage and Screen
    Karl Sine, Fight Directors of Canada
  • Comedic Acting Workshop
    Devon Dubnyk, Morpheus Theatre
  • Writing for Sketch
    Lindsay Mullin, Second City; Scott Vrooman, This Hour Has 22 Minutes
  • AMPIA Upstart Autumn 2016 as Actor
  • Voice Acting Brendan Hunter
  • Long Form UCB Method II Anyssa McKee, Loose Moose Theatre Company, UCB
  • Long Form UCB Method I Anyssa McKee, Loose Moose Theatre Company, UCB
  • Level D Improv Improv Calgary / Ovprov
  • Level B Improv Improv Calgary /Ovprov
  • Level A Improv Improv Calgary /Ovprov
  • Meisner Level III Lori Ravensborg
  • Meisner Level II Lori Ravensborg
  • Meisner Level I Lori Ravensborg
  • Scene Study Company of Rogues, Christine Hirt