The RebelRebel Podcast

A Podcast for Creative Rebels and Entrepreneurs

Creator, Producer, Editor, and Host

The RebelRebel Podcast is a show dedicated to discovering creative rebels and entrepreneurs who are out in the world making their own dreams come true as well as making the world a better and more interesting place to live. Every episode is dedicated to one Rebel who tells their story about where they came from, where they are now, and where they’re going. We learn about what makes them tick, and why they decided to say good bye to the status quo. Every episode ends with the guest sharing their advice to people who need that little something to get them over the edge — we call them Rebels in Waiting.

2020 Canadian Podcast Awards Nomination
Outstanding Business Series

2019 Canadian Podcast Awards Nominations
Best Host, Outstanding Business Podcast, Outstanding Title Theme, Outstanding Original Music

Dropbear and Panda Save the World

The Podcast of Destiny

Co-Creator, Producer, Editor, and Co-Host

The Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast of Destiny is an an ongoing exploration of our time here on earth — one-part experiential journalism, one-part irreverent observational commentary, and a lot of swearing. Each episode we do our best to save the world and inspire others to do the same. It’s charming, silly, not well thought out, but 100 percent genuinely Canadian content.

2020 Canadian Podcast Awards
Outstanding Production in a Series

2019 Canadian Podcast Awards Nominations
Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Society & Culture Series, Outstanding News & Current Affairs Series, Outstanding Title Theme, Outstanding Original Music, Outstanding Debut Series, People’s Choice

Epic Summer Trailer

Jag War: The Trailer

Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Co-Writer, Director, Announcer

This is the beginning of the epic seven-minute saga that explores the nuances of the English language. What do Dropbear and Panda do when they’re given a $105,000 car to drive around for the day? Spend way too much time arguing about how to pronounce it’s name, apparently. Why the hell isn’t this a video about driving this great car?! Dropbear, that’s why.

Educational and Easy

The Rebel Sleep Institute

Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Co-Writer, Director, Announcer

Sleep is important and there are some really interesting reasons why we’re not getting enough of it and how we can get more.

You see, we have two internal systems that govern our sleepiness and wakefulness. One is a circadian process, which occurs on a daily –ish rhythm and the other is a sleep- wake homeostatic process. This video was produced by Make More Creative for the Rebel Sleep Institute.

Engaging Products and Services

Easy Next Steps

Producer, Editor, Sound Design, Writer, Director, Announcer

How do you take a very complicated product and service offering and make it easy to understand? Break it into bite-sized pieces and do a simple animation. The voice-over is designed to be engaging, informative, and approachable. There were several more in the series: