Awards and Recognition

Jag War

2018 Global Film Festival Awards Finalist, Winner and Honourable Mention | 2018 Los Angeles CineFest Semi-Finalist | 2018 $2 Dollar Film FestivalSemi-Finalist

Racer X

2018 San Mauro Film Festival Semi-Finalist | 2017: Miami Epic Trailer Film Fest Semi-Finalist


2018 Meraki Film Festival Semi-Finalist | 2018 San Mauro Film Festival Semi-Finalist | 2017 Miami Epic Short Film Fest Semi-Finalist | 2017 Miami Widescreen Film Fest Nominee Best Sound Design | 2016 YYComedy Short Film Fest Finalist, Audience Favourite, Grand Jury Award | 2016 NYCIFF Fright Fest Finalist, Winner Best Director (Brian King), Best Guilty Pleasure (Jennifer MacLean)

Video and Film

Dropbear and Panda Productionz

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

Dropbear and Panda Web Stuff
Co-Creator; “Dropbear”

Travel this Canada Day, COVID Diaries Day 15 (edit), COVID Diaries Day 6 (edit and puppet), There Goes the Neighbourhood, The Following Pitch Video, Keytar Sock Jingle, Canada, You’re Fucking Awesome (Voice Over), StigMax™, You’d Better Watch Out, Scared Bear, 54 Things Scarier than a Werewolf, JAG WAR, JAG WAR: The Trailer, PANDAmonium, Soopernachural, The Terroring

Lonely Mind by The Hi-Strung Downers (Music Video)
Writer, Director; “Bartender”, “Busker” Ext. Cut [music video]

The Final Frontier
Co-writer; “Dropbear” [48HR Film Challenge]

Various Film Projects

Producer, Writer, Director, Actor

Keeling youX
Director, “Jazz Drummer” [commercial]

Producer; “Jeeves” [short]

Racer X Trailer
Producer; “Racer X” [trailer]

Georgia Moon by The Northern Coast
Cowboy Bar Fighter [music video]

The Department of Moose Information
Producer (Series); Editor (E01 and E02);
Actor Episode 01, Episode 02, Episode 03, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 10, Episode 11, Episode 12, Episode 13, Episode 14, Episode 15, Episode 16, Episode 17, Episode 18, Episode 19, Episode 20

Six on the River
“Grocery Store Manager” [short]

Hyde & Seek (Pilot Teaser)
Producer; “Dr. Lovejoy” [television]

“Mr. Grissom” [television]

“Detective Nororian” [television]

Under Pressure
“Ben” [short]

Scottish Bedtime Stories with Calum Lykan
Producer, Co-Host of CD Release Party [cd + release party]

Behind the Scenes Stuff

Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Actor

LONELY MIND Behind the Scenes Music Video
“Bartender”, “Busker”, “Director” [music video]

HI-STRUNG DOWNERS: Back Alley Sessions and More
Dropbear & Panda Productionz w/ L&C Style: Producer; Director; Editor [music videos and more]

Burnout, Cried in My Sleep Last Night, Question Period Part 1, Question Period Part 2, Why Can’t You Be Mine, Woman It’s Time to Go, High and Lonesome, Lonesome Train, Piece of My Heart, Rain, Ft. Worth Jail, She Has To Go

HI-STRUNG DOWNERS: Storyhive Pitch
Producer, Co-Writer, Director [60-second pitch video]

Producer, Co-Writer, Director, Editor [60-second pitch video]