2020 Canadian Podcast Award Nominations

Outstanding Business Podcast www.RebelRebelPod.com
Outstanding Production in a Series www.DBPSaveTheWorld.com with Jenn (Panda) MacLean 

“A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.”
Charlie Chaplin

The Ongoing Adventures of Michael Dean Dargie

Michael Dargie is a seasoned Emcee, Host, and Facilitator of live and online events, as well as an award-winning film producer.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada, Michael has brought his unique and infectious energy to events at the Calgary Stampede, shows and tournaments at the world famous Loose Moose Theatre Company, the ever-exciting-never-boring Fight Club for Entrepreneurs, and two podcasts listened to in over 130 countries — both of which have been nominated for numerous Canadian Podcast Awards over the past two years.

Michael is an improviser and emerging stand-up comedian with a truly unique look at life and all the creatures we share this planet with. His stage presence is grounded and balanced by the 38,000+ hours he’s spent teaching and inspiring adults across various disciplines from riding motorcycles, to Japanese jujitsu, to art and design, to business and branding.

His creative agency, Make More Creative, is a force for good in the world and is dedicated to helping small- to medium-sized businesses show up like the big guys. To support these companies, Michael has created several workshops and programs designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners kick ass, and is in the process of writing several books to support each program — the first one to be published Fall 2020.