2020 Canadian Podcast Award Nominations

Outstanding Business Podcast www.RebelRebelPod.com
Outstanding Production in a Series www.DBPSaveTheWorld.com with Jenn (Panda) MacLean 

“A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.”
Charlie Chaplin

2020 Shows & Events

JAN. 3 | TheatreSports™ Loose Moose Theatre
JAN. 10 | TheatreSports™ Loose Moose Theatre
JAN. 15 | BrandJitsu™, WESK Regina
JAN. 17 | TheatreSports™ Loose Moose Theatre
JAN. 22 | BrandJitsu™ Workshop, Calgary
JAN. 24 | TheatreSports™ Loose Moose Theatre
JAN. 29 | BrandJitsu™ at ATB Entrepreneur Centre
JAN. 31 | TheatreSports™ Loose Moose Theatre
FEB 1. to 23 | “3 Little Pigs” Loose Moose Theatre
FEB. 6 | TheatreSports™ Invitational Tournament
FEB. 7 | BrandJitsu™ Workshop, Calgary
FEB. 7 | TheatreSports™ Invitational Tournament
FEB. 8 | TheatreSports™ Invitational Tournament
FEB. 11 | Communicating Your Brand, MNP
FEB. 14 | Taproom Comedy, Airdrie
FEB. 21 | Maestro Impro™ Loose Moose Theatre
FEB. 25 to 29 |
 High School TheatreSports Tournament
MAR. 13 | Social Media: The Intergalactic Kegger
MAR. 21 | Gorilla Theatre™, Loose Moose Theatre
MAR. 27 | BrandJitsu™: Creating Kickass Brands
MAR. 31 | Communicating Your Brand, (remote)
APR. 11 – MAY 3 | The Return of Sherlock Jr. 
JUN. 17 | Communicating Your Brand, (remote)
JULY. 7 | Calgary Stampede Community Stage

The Ongoing Adventures of Michael Dean Dargie

Embracing a personal motto to “do cool and weird shit with cool and weird people” he’s an entrepreneur, writer, stage and screen actor, director, producer, improviser, musician, teacher and risk taker.

He was once the youngest motorcycle instructor and provincial examiner in Canada; at the age 16 he spent several seasons as a ski instructor for disabled athletes; was Faculty Head for a New Media and Animation College and a sessional instructor at Mount Royal University teaching Digital Photography and Illustration; he has achieved two black belts in different styles of Japanese jujitsu; is an Advanced SCUBA diver; a championship cart racer, and to round things out, he is a nationally accredited coach in Canada (NCCP).

Michael enjoys life as a successful creative brand strategist and producer—he is an active volunteer in local theatre and supporting men’s health issues.

He is an award-winning producer; a writer; a director; an actor; and a regular performer and emcee at the Loose Moose Theatre Company. He is “Dropbear” of the DROPBEAR & PANDA comedy team; one of four founding partners with the urban record label INFINITE ELEMENTS; operates a creative agency called MD&A INC. helping select clients shape and share their brand with the world.

With audiences in over 81 countries he’s Co-Host of Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Libsyn), and Host of The RebelRebel Podcast for Creative Rebels and Entrepreneurs (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Libsyn).

Catch up with him socially on TwitterInstagram.

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