MD&A Inc. Make More Creative

Michael Dean Dargie lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada and captains a boutique creative agency called MD&A INC. specializing in brand strategy and creative collaboration.

Over his career he has enjoyed work as a Starving Artist™, Adult Educator, Entrepreneur, Managing Editor, Visual Communication Manager, Communications Director, Creative Director, and VP of Communications for companies in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest.

Michael has worked with one of the top branding agencies in the world, countless entrepreneurs and dozens of Fortune 500 companies to help share their message and inspire their customers.

During the last 25 years Michael has been leading companies through end-to-end creative strategies so they can connect meaningfully with their own brand, and better serve their customers.

Giving back to the community, he inspires audiences from small corporate groups to theatres of hundreds in the art of thinking differently and living a life more creative.

You remember that terrier from those Kibbles and Bits commercials? Well, that’s Michael. I’ve never seen anyone with so much creative energy. It is impossible to sit down and discuss an idea with him and not believe in short order that it’s not only possible, but a moral imperative to make it so.
Dallas Paquette
Mike is a creative problem-solver to his very core. As a communicator he can sort out what to say and how to say it. As an artist, he brings creative mastery, as a team member he brings the highest degree of personal and professional dedication.

Very few people have the kind of ability and willingness to forge a path through the status quo with intention, sincerity & insight that Mike brings to the table.

M. Sean Young

The Ongoing Adventures of Michael Dargie

“A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

In his relatively short life Michael continues to embrace adventure. He’s an entrepreneur, writer, stage and screen actor, director, producer, improviser, musician and risk taker.

He’s been a motorcycle instructor and provincial examiner; a ski instructor for disabled athletes; achieved two black belts in different styles of Japanese jujitsu; is an Advanced SCUBA diver; and a nationally accredited coach in Canada (NCCP).

Currently enjoys life as a successful commercial artist, creative strategist, and producer, and is an active volunteer supporting men’s health issues.

He is an award-winning producer; writer; director; and actor based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada—Michael is “Dropbear” from the DROPBEAR & PANDA comedy team; and a founding partner of the Calgary-based film production company EGOMANIACAL PRODUCTIONS LTD.

Film, Radio, Theatre & Photography

Writer, Director; “Bartender”, “Busker” Ext. Cut
Co-writer; “Dropbear” [48HR Film Challenge]

Producer; “Racer X” [trailer]
Record Store Owner [short]
“Detective Nororian” [television]
“Stephen” [short]

“Tom Udo” [short]
Cowboy Bar Fighter [music video]

Co-Creator; “Dropbear” [webseries]
“JAG WAR”, “JAG WAR: The Trailer”,
“PANDAmonium”,”Soopernachural”, “The Terroring” 
“Principal Sensei”; Narrator [Telus pilot]

Producer; “Jeeves” [short]
LEVEL 1 Genetics 
“Patient W” [short]
3rd Annual Variety Show (Three Parts)
Producer; Writer & Director; “Dargie” [shorts]
FOWL PLAY (Late Night at the Plaza)
“Guard” [short]
Hero Images
Business Commuter; Model [photography]
Business Executive; Model [photography]

Five Bullets, Five Names
“Tom Udo” [short]
Cold Bore II
“Computer User” [commercial]
Captain Mike Radio Series
Producer; Writer; Voices [spec radio spots]
This is Me
Producer; Director
Heaven & Earth 
1st Unit Samurai Warrior [feature film]
Body of Evidence 
Student [feature film]
After School Specials (1987 – 1989)
Various [television]

Loose Moose Theatre Company
Maestro Impro™: Improviser, Emcee, Sound & Lighting
TheatreSports™: Improviser, Commentator, Sound & Lighting
SuperScene: Sound & Lighting Improviser, Sceneography
Gorilla Theatre: Gorilla, Sound & Lighting Improviser, Sceneography
Past Your Bedtime (2015 & 2016): Sound Improviser
A ChrisMoose Carol (2015 & 2016): Sound Tech

Loose Moose Theatre for Kids
Robin Hood (last weekend): Alan-A-Dale, Baker, Joey, Waldo
Sherlock Junior: Dr. John Watson
Snow White & Several Dwarves: Huntsman, Doug the Dwarf
Rapunzel: Rapunzel’s Father, Sidney
Emperor’s New Clothes: Patrick the Goon
Fabulous Fables: Various Characters
Treasure Island: Sound & Lighting Tech

Other Theatre & Support
Enlightened Swinger (YYC Fringe 2016): Co-Director, Actor
Enlightened Swinger (Leth. Fringe 2016): Co-Director, Actor
Vagina Monologues (YYC Fringe 2016): Sound & Lighting Tech
Life According to Facebook (2016): Sound Improviser
Missed Connections (2016): Sound Improviser

KILLHARD (2016): Sound Improviser
Improv Games, Chasing Funds (2017): Sound Improviser
Improv Games, Chasing Funds (2016): Sound Improviser
Improv Games, Chasing Funds (2015): Sound Improviser